American Colonization Society

American Colonization Society

  • <p>American Colonization Society to James Madison. Membership Certificate. 1816. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.</p> <p></p>

The American Colonization Society was a branch of the abolitionist movement in the United States that sought to encourage and sometimes coerce free and enslaved African Americans to migrate to Africa. Gabriel P. Disosway, a white Methodist preacher from Staten Island was treasurer of the society.

Read the story below of a group of enslaved African Americans from Kentucky and Tennessee to be taken to Liberia. During their journey many tried to run, and as a consequence when they reached New York they were kept in the Stapleton Jail on Staten Island before sailing for Liberia. The article explains that Disosway received these enslaved African Americans under the condition that they could only be freed if they left the United States and resettled in Liberia.

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