Cole Norman, Dora (1884 – 1939)

Cole Norman, Dora (1884 – 1939)

  • <p>295 Davis Ave - former home of Dora Cole Norman. Image courtesy of Google Earth.</p>

Dora Cole Norman lived on Staten Island at 295 Davis Avenue. Dora wrote Loyalty's Gift: A Negro Pageant in Five Acts and Eight Scenes, published in 1926. She was dancing director for W.E.B. Du Bois' "The Star of Ethiopia" (, and wrote a game for "The Brownie's Book" Vol. 1. January, 1920 No.1 published by Du Bois and A.G. Dill (

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Dora's brother Robert Allen "Bob" Cole Jr. (1868 – 1911) was a famous composer, actor, playwright, and stage producer and director.

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  • <p>Robert Allen "Bob" Cole Jr. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.</p>