Rev. Isaac Coleman House

Rev. Isaac Coleman House

  • <p>Reverand Isaac Coleman House. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.</p>

Rev. Coleman was an abolitionist and early founder of the Sandy Ground settlement. He served as an early pastor at the Rossville AME Zion Church. His house is still standing in the area of the Sandy Ground settlement, and just minutes from the church. He is mentioned in the church documents for the yearly conference of the AME Zion church on a number of occasions, such as:

"They reported to the Conference on Saturday, May 28, that it had been agreed to submit the subject of consolidation to a convention composed of twenty-five on each side, and their action to be submitted to all the Annual Conferences for confirmation. Our delegates were as follows:

NEW YORK CONFERENCE.--Revs. W. H. Pitts, Isaac Coleman, Jephtha Barcroft, Jacob Thomas."

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