Purvis, Harriet (1810 – 1875)

Purvis, Harriet (1810 – 1875)

  • <p>Portrait of Harriet Forten Purvis (1810–1875), ca. 1870s. Illustration in The Life and Work of Susan B. Anthony by Ida Husted Harper. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.</p> <p>Edition donated by Carrie Chapman Catt. NAWSA Collection, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress</p>

Harriet Purvis came often to Staten Island to visit the Gays. She became close friends with Elizabeth Neall Gay, who was married to Sydney Howard Gay and others in the abolitionist circle that passed through that house.

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  • <p>Harriet Forten Purvis and her husband Robert Purvis. Courtesy of Linkedin (www.linkedin.com/pulse/abolitionist-leaders-harriet-robert-purvis-nancy-koehn).</p>