Louis, Joe (1914 – 1981)

Louis, Joe (1914 – 1981)

  • <p>Joe Louis. Image courtesy of the U.S. Army.</p> <p>https://www.army.mil/article/121005/soldier_champ_joe_louis_sacrificed_much_for_his_country</p>

Joe Louis, world heavyweight boxing champion, was stationed on Staten Island at the Fox Hills Terminal in Stapleton.

After a three-week Richmond County Grand Jury investigation into a crime wave apparently perpetrated by African American stevedores from the Fox Hills Army Base it was suggested that there was not enough recreation available on base to lift morale and maintain discipline. Among other issues of control and management, base leadership decided to bring Joe Louis and three other boxers to the Fox Hills base to start an athletic program for those training and serving there. Read more in the article below.

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